In 1976 a young man named Nick Sanna went into business for himself. Previously, Nick had worked several years for a veteran and highly-respected roofing contractor, so he was was well versed in the demanding mechanics of the job. Even more importantly, he understood that what customers wanted wasn't just good materials at an affordable price, but a roofing contractor who could be relied on to complete every job on time and on budget. Right from the start, he established an excellent reputation among contractors, architects, and roofing contractors.

Today, Tri-State The Roofers, is well respected throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland for providing quality roofing installation on commercial and residential properties, no matter how unusual or difficult the project.

Along with company president Nick Sanna, Tri-State The Roofers has expanded to include Nick's brothers Ronnie and Dave, and his boyhood friend and brother-in-law, Buck High. Together they've established Tri-State as one on the Delaware Valley's leading commercial roofing companies. They've done it by successfully meeting the job specs, cost considerations and construction schedule of each and every customer, 100% of the time.


The objective of Tri-State The Roofers is to work diligently every day to achieve a common goal and to provide the highest possible level of experience, advice and service to our clients, using quality proven products along with excellent workmanship. 

"Roof we do, no leaks come through"!


We believe that trust is of the utmost importance when building long lasting relationships. We strive to earn that trust by working closely with our customers developing a roof system tailored to each of their needs. We conduct our business with ethical values and we are committed to providing the maximum quality service possible. We define our success by our client's satisfaction and are rewarded most when they recommend Tri-State The Roofers first.


Firestone Master Contractors - Firestone, a company known for exceptional quality of its building products, awards the title of "Master Roofing Contractor" on the basis of how well a company installs its roofing products and the amount of square footage applied according to Firestone guidelines and specifications. Tri-State The Roofers has proven their skills by receiving this award five years in a row.

Tri-State can offer you a good value at a good price - Tri-State The Roofers has not only become know for offering fair pricing on materials and labor, but for providing superior value. Of course, value isn't just a question of what you spend. It's also a matter of what you save. Tri-State's expertise has saved many customers from accidentally making costly mistakes on materials, installation, or design specifications. 

Winner of Excellence in Construction Award - Tri-State The Roofers is the recipient of the Excellence in Construction Award by the American Builders and Contractors Association. This award is given to the contractor who has showed superior skill and craftsmanship in the detail of work. Tri-State has been awarded this prestigious recognition multiple times, most recently past year for our work on Incyte Corporate Headquarters in Wilmington.

Free Estimates - Whether you need repairs, maintenance or full replacement for your roof, our experienced estimators can offer you a free estimate to cover your roofing needs.

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