Incyte Biopharmaceutical

This new state of the art building right here in Wilmington, Delaware serves as the Global Headquarters for the Incyte Corporation. Incyte Biopharmaceutical Company employs over 475 people within this building.

The four (4) story office building has a full service food cafeteria, and operable glass windows that were made in Germany. The contemporary state of the art design interior has marble tile throughout which was manufactured and shipped from Greece, as well as the bathroom faucets which were imported from Israel.

There is a four (4) story parking garage with a unique design of shrubs, plants, hardscapes, a pickle ball court, and a golf putting green.

Beneath the green roof and on the top deck of the parking garage, we installed a 40,000 s.f. rubberized asphalt hot melt system manufactured by Henry Company. The waterproofing system becomes a continuous seamless monolithic pour and will last over forty (40) years.

The roof top Penthouse and main roof area give you a great view overlooking the skyline of Wilmington. Tri-State The Roofers designed a Firestone Epdm Roof System with a full tapered insulation system that allows positive water drainage.

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A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital

The project at A.I. DuPont Nemours Children’s Hospital was a unique design with two (2) large six (6) story twin towers which were in the shape of an almond. The hospital has the largest atrium in the State of Delaware. The children and parents worked with the design committee in telling them what they would want in a hospital.

The project was very challenging with roof levels stemming from the 1st floor up to the 6th floor with two (2) large penthouses.

The roof system is a white Energy Star Sarnafil PVC (poly vinyl chloride) system. There are several layers of tapered roof insulation that supplies an average R-value of 30 and a positive slope for water drainage.

There are two (2) lower areas which have a garden roof. The 1st floor west terrace has 18” of soil with concrete walkway and three (3) large tree pit planters. The second floor Healing Garden is a unique design which was decorative concrete pavers, fifteen (15) lighted posts, natural plants/shrubs, a fountain, several benches, and seventeen (17) large tree pit planters.

The custom metal coping cap that covers the top of all the walls gives it a nice color and finish to the roof system.

Wilmington University Campus

The new Wilmington University Campus sits on the corner of a busy intersection of Concord Pike and Beaver Valley Road. The impressive 58,000 square foot brick building can accommodate up to 1,000 students a day and is comprised of 21 classrooms and 6 labs, including a state-of-the-art science lab for students of biology, the only of its type offered at the Brandywine Campus.

The 1st floor Rotunda roof deck has an architectural decorative porcelain paver system which can be viewed from the 2nd floor area. The GAF White PVC single-ply membrane roof stands out beautifully on the building, and serves a dual purpose. By reflecting solar energy and actually exceeding exterior requirements stipulated by the International Energy Conservation Code by 16 percent, the roof surface reduces the heat island effect. In the future, the University hopes to install solar panels.

The Linden Hill Station

The Linden Hill Station project is the first of its kind in New Castle County combining apartments, professional office spaces, and retail shop/restaurant spaces. The project itself was especially challenging as we had to coordinate the installation of different roof systems of both epdm and standing seam metal panels throughout each phase of construction to maintain the aggressive project schedule.

The first roof system began with the installation a substrate board of dens deck. Then multiple layers of tapered ISO insulation was installed over top to obtain a positive slope for maximum drainage. Finally a Firestone 60 mil EcoWhite Fully Adhered Rubber Roof System was installed using an LVOC bonding adhesive. The white roofing membrane helps with the reflection of the sunlight and heating of the roof membrane keeping the interior of the building cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.

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